JSA* Benchmark

Reference times on my system:
Firefox 3.5.5/6:                ~3100ms
Firefox 3.5.5/6 (w/o Firebug)*  ~2407ms
Firefox 3.6B4 (w/o Firebug)**   >5xxxms (differs wildly, from around 5 to 10 seconds)
Google Chrome       ~ 300ms on the first run, then ~200ms. probably because the first time the code has to be JITted?
Safari 4.0.4:                   ~ 340ms

* i just installed 3.5.6. it's about the same speed as 3.5.5 (with FB). both are a bit faster w/o FB (as expected). 
still, why is the difference the tracing JIT makes so small? what am i missing?

** for some reason, 3.6b4 seems to be *a lot* slower. about:config jit is enabled.

Opera: not yet tested
IE:    heh.